Latrobe City Cycling Club

Cyclists represented the Latrobe region in many guises prior to the uniting of local cycling clubs in 1989. Formerly Traralgon CC (1934-89) Moe CC (1953-89) & Morwell CC (1956-89), 'LCCC' have inherited the history and continue the traditions

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First local shire meeting held.

Australia's first six-day bicycle race held in Melbourne.
Six-day races originated at Madison Square garden and evolved into the

Bicycle racing was not unknown to the farming settlers.

Prior to selecting land in the
Latrobe district. Many locals had witnessed bicycle (Penny-Farthing)
racing in Melbourne at venues like, the Croxton Park Hotel field, and
Mentone Reserve. Enjoyed great popularity among young and men of means.
Bicycles (Penny-Farthing) cost an average worker six month's pay.

The Municipal Shire set aside an area for recreation in
Traralgon (Showgrounds)

The Melbourne Showgrounds, also
originated in 1883 .Ring events included bicycle races.

No large scale producer of bicycles in Australia. Local
wheelwrights, and blacksmiths, soon picked up the necessary skills to
repair tricycle and penny farthings .

Bicycle agents form in district.

'Supplying bikes with greatest
promptitude ...agents for most leading cycle manufacturers.

The first 'Austral' Wheelrace was held at the MCG in November.

The Austral is the world's oldest
track cycling event, a 2000m handicap race,

'Safety Cycle' with equal sized wheels arrive in Melbourne .

'safety bicycles' are introduced to the district. First 'safety
bicycle' was introduced to Traralgon by J. Parer of the Grand Junction
Hotel, and we all know the first local modern bike race was most likely
held as soon as the second bike arrived.

Traralgon Agricultural Society built a Grandstand at the Show

'a picturesque oval for district cycling……'

Mr.Bernard, of Traralgon,was supplying a safety bicycle with a
chain driven rear wheel and double-tubed rubber tyres.Thou not cheap
cycling gentlemen and women of the district are eager to convert to the
faster 'saftey'

Colonies main racing track constructed at the Exhibition
Buildings Melbourne.

Michelin detachable tyres were introduced . These tyres were one
of the attractions at the London Bicycle show of 1891. One of the
Company technicians demonstrated removing and replacing a bicycle tyre
in 1 minute 15 seconds, to the great astonishment of the public.

League of Victorian Wheelmen, established in Melbourne to
oversee professional racing .1st edition of 'The Australian
cyclist' monthly magazine as published in Sept .

Easter Sports carnival included bicycle races at a cricket
ground (showground) near Morwell..

First Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic. This race was the
second oldest cycling race in the world and the longest one day road
race in Australia. Covering 275 kilometres, it has long been considered
Australia's toughest one-day event .

Governor, Lord Brassey, a keen cyclist, visited the region. The
Lord and Lady Brassey enjoyed watching cycle races.

Morwell 10mile Road Race 2st D. Cooper, 2nd E. Francis amd 3rd G. Wright.

Bicycle's racing clubs formed as prices fell within the range of working class men and women.
Traralgon CC president P.P. Serjeant, Sec- Mr J. A. Collins,

Morwell dealer supplying racing bicycles for around £16 with solid tyres £16 10s. with cushion
tyres. There was a tricycle which cost £20 with solid tyres, or
£25.10s. with Dunlop pneumatics.

The districts first gravel track was prepared in Traralgon with
gravel from Mapleson's pit. Traralgon Bicycle Club as distinct from the Cycling (Touring) Club promoted races.
In September a 20 mile race at show grounds won by J. Wright
Traralgon Moved that Ladies become members
In December J. Bayden and J.E. O'Toole run a dead heat at Gippsland Champs scratch race at a Morwell Track

Arthur Richardson, cycled around Australia. He Completed the
journey in 243 days. Arthur was a Mining Engineer and Gold prospector
well known of in this district. The current record is 57 days


The Bicycle was widely used for military purposes during the
Boer War (1899-1902). Royal Australian Cycle Corps had a
special 'War Cyde' an 8-man bicycle with detachable rims fitted to the
pneumatic tyres for use on railway lines. With rim removed the bike
could travel on normal roads.

Commonwealth celebrations.

Young ones raced bicycles at Traralgon Sanbanks

John Monash, Consulting Engineer for 'Dunlop Co' , improved the
Bicycle Racing Tyre.

It was John Monash as the first chairman of the SEC who overseen the
pioneering electricity industry at Yallourn. Monash University
(Churchill) is named in his honour as one of Australia's greatest
engineers, soldiers and administrators. A memorial was unveiled at
Yallourn on 27th November 1932.

The first Tour de France cycle race was held

Dr Julian Smith (Morwell) recommends bicycling as a therapeutic
activity. Julian A. R. Smith was one of the doctors who established St. Vincent's Hospital.
J. Hewitt won Traralgon CC Good Friday 10 mile road race

Members of Traralgon Bicycle Club took part in road races

Races were organised from a range of different venues, usually public
houses, but a Church in Morwell was a gathering point on at least on
one occasion.

A number of females also raced out to Billy's creek picnic

Walter West (Shire Secretary) took a keen interest in developing bicycle racing in the district .

The West boys were well known blacksmiths and wheelwrights. Walter was
on the executive of many local sporting bodies. He served on Traralgon Shire (1897-1906) including a term as Shire President (1902), Elected to Victorian Parliament 1922-29, and was secretary Traralgon Shire till his death in1934. His daughter Eva was the first women to serve as shire secretary in 1935.

Sydney rider E. Leselberg was disqualified for life after he was found guilty of placing two boards spiked with nails on a bridge 3 miles from Traralgon, during Traralgon to Sale road race

Miners raced through Coopers Creek for the gift of a gold nugget
(the 'gold medal')

offered by the Great South Tunnel Company, .

225 Riders receive time medals in the Warrnambool to Melbourne

Time Medals were awarded for covering the 165 mile course within 10½ hours.

Dr. T.A. McLean (Traralgon) joined in the bicycle racing.

Thomas was a footballer who spoke
highly of Angus Greenfield Australian half-mile champion in 1898.

3 speed bicycles became popular.

Melbourne to Traralgon became a popular 100mile (160km)

Mary Grant Bruce (a well known children's author) was well known in the
district for pedaling from Melbourne to Traralgon, Mary was born in
Sale and lived several years in Traralgon

Austral raced on indoor track at Exhibition Building

Promotion of racing ceased, when war declared in August

Annual Shows not held. As the Reserve was occupied for Military Camps

Mr. Barton, the lamp-lighter, was provided a new bicycle by
Council for £4.lO.Od

Professional cycling racing resumed

'Victorian Amateur Cycling Union' was formed .

Racing is strictly divided into amateur or professional races.

Popularity of professional racing grew tremendously during the

Local cyclist joined
Melbourne Wheelman clubs to ride in pro races, in hope to be
noticed by sponsors.


Many cyclist moved to district with manufacturing and
mining industry.

Local service clubs promoted races and helped provide marshal's

Track racing had become a most popular spectator sports

First Warrnambool to Melbourne race held since before war.

Juniors raced in celebration of electric lights in Morwell

Notable was David Beyer . He went on to become the Rev. David Beyer,
and the executive officer of the south pacific games held in Papua New
Guinea in 1969.

Famous concrete saucer 'John Wren Motordrome' opened in Melbourne

some local lads built their own infamous saucer track on their family
farm at 'Morwell Bridge' .

The 'Tour of Gippsland' raced through the district.

'Cycling News' deemed it one of the
toughest races in the country. It was a professional road race- 180 km

Countries top riders competed in the 'Melbourne to Sale' race. Winner Hubert Opperman was disqualified for receiving assistance in replacing his chain up Haunted Hills

The first professional 'World Cycling Championship' took place
in Germany

Some professional bike riders, elected to move to the district
for work during the depression years.

Riders like Rupert Renzow, whom found work at Saunders saw mill at
Tyers. Rupert was one of three brothers who all became first class bike
riders with dad, Harold, as their manager/coach.

Traralgon part of the 'Country Track Carnivals'

Professional riders travelled from town to town during track season. Prize money put up by
local business'

Local cycle racing was promoted in the district through schools.
Many local juniors competed at the Gippsland Juvenile Zone Finals.

Events included a 500 meter time trial and a one mile Time Trial. But
in the early 1930's they found themselves up against the young Bill
Guyatt. A name synonymous with an electrical store that operated in
Seymour St, Traralgon for many years. Bill went on to be an Australian

Bairnsdale Bicycle Club promoted a long-distance event in the

George Jenner won many medals with
the Bairnsdale Bicycle Club, before moving to Yallourn with the S.E.C.
He excelled in 10-mile (16 km) handicap races, often winning the
Fastest Time category. While racing in one 26 Mile race he and others
collided with a horse and jinker, George's injuries resulted in his
retirement from racing.

Thomas W. Halliday finished 3rd in Morwell to Traralgon Road

Thomas was notable as the, light weight ‘power employees’ boxing
champion. Thomas won many cycling medals including a win with the
fastest time in a 7 mile cycle race in 1930. He is also remembered for
crashing, while leading a Glenmaggie race.

The 'Gippsland 100' was an Open handicap race.

Russell Mockridge stopped in at Traralgon for lunch, after one '
Melbourne to the Lakes' race, residents recalling the figure of the man
and noting the size of his legs.

The Traralgon Bicycle Club was re-formed, in Don Wallace's Bike

Riders competed in the 'Centenary Thousand' a 1000 mile six-day road
race, marking the Victorian Centenary, and had a prize of £1000.
The race was won by Ted Stubenauch (Bairnsdale).

Local's travelled to Lang Lang for the Easter Sports Meeting.

Top local rider Thomas Halliday, had to retire from competitive cycling
at the age of 24; after loosing the use of his hand following a work
accident. Thomas spent 18 months in hospital in Melbourne.

The first Road Race to the mill.

Bicycles being sold with 3 speed gears and quick release Hubs.
Local bicycle dealers included

D.C Mills and Co (Morwell), while Don Wallace, Norman Berryman
and Fred Judd operated bike shops in Traralgon.

Yallourn Wheelrace Carnival, conducted at the 'Monash Reserve'.
The 1 mile Wheelrace attracted some of the best professional track
riders in Australia.

The 1939 Yallourne wheel race was won by Keith Thurgood, an Australian
Road Champion and an Austral Wheelrace winner.

Hubert Opperman (4 time Australian road cycling champion
1924-1929) passed through the district in December ,

on his Malvern Star from Mt. Gambier to
Bairnsdale in a '24 hour ride'. Opperman was well known for setting
long distance records. Including, 1927 breaking the 24 hours unpaced
continuous cycling record riding 416 miles (669 km). And in 1937
Fremantle to Sydney (4402 km) - 13 days, 10 hours.

Cyclist attend the A.P.M Sports Club picnic at Coopers


Cycling clubs abandoned their monthly meetings as
local cycling activities were put aside for King and

Invitation events conducted at Yallourn for members of the
armed forces on leave and men employed in essential services.

october 13th Newly formed Morwell Cycling Club conducted their first race to Morwell bridge and return, M. Fox first accross finish line and C.Wigg won fastest time,

Traralgon's (delayed) Centenary celebrations included cycling events.

Councillor H. J. Saunders ,
and Mr. H. Hanning, as organisers, helped revive the interest in racing.

Yallourn Cycling Club forms

September Morwell's Ron Allpress finished 3rd in Pro Gippsland Championships hosted by Yallourn Club.

Dave Blomquist Morwell Club Road Champ,

other local riders include V. Thomas, R. Turner, Ian Sykes, C.Allpress, Keith Milner, Vic Woof, Dave Blomquist, Jack Woof, Hedley Davis, Johnnie Haughton, Ray O'Niel, Fred James , Jim Beal, Ron Jordon, Kevin Wigg, Cleve Davis, W. McCorriston, L. Tabuteau,A. McPhee, H. Grist, J. Haughton, R. Ockie, J. Kingsley,M. Johnstone, J. Holyoak, C. McKenzie, M. Cottee, L. Ross, R, Martin, R. Mitchell, J. Holyoak, K. Johnstone,W, Squires, D. O'Brien, M. Fox, P. Tucker,S. Halket, R. Mullane, A. Perkins,

Traralgon Bike Club (Est. 1934) was re-established as the Traralgon Cycling Club in August.

The committee was President A. Lloyd. Sec H.W. Lindner and Treas. Don J. Wallace.

Dave Blomquist Morwell Club Road Champ, other Morwell riders include V. Thomas, R. Turner, I. Sykes, C.Allpress, K. Milner,

Bob Whitford (Yallourn) finished 2nd in The
Melbourne to Warrny after giving the eventual winner his own drink

Yallourn Club wrote to Sale club to revive Road Racing in Gippsland with a race to Sale

Goulburn to Sydney was abandoned due to Transport authorities concerns and would not resume until 1951 with the finish off road on Lidcombe Oval.

New track laid at the Traralgon Recreation Reserve (showgrounds)

Concerted push by shire officials to reduce the decline in the
popularity of bicycle riding.

Carnival came to the Showgrounds in
January including professional and amateur races.

Needless to say the large crowd
were there to see the 'Australian Federal Cycling Council' race license holders. Ralph Bishop won many track events during this era,
including the Traralgon 24 Hour Madison , Sale Wheelrace, Moe
Wheelrace, and went on to ride the 1960 Milk Six at the Olympic
At Morwell Annual Meeting in October it was discussed that Interest in cycling had not been maintained in Latrobe Valley and President Roly Wolf agreed with suggestion that Morwell, Traralgon & Yallourn come together to run interclub events.
Morwell Office Bearers- President Ron Allpress, Vice pres- C. Allpress and W. Clarke, Sec/Tres- Ray Scammell,

a new Grandstand was built at theTraralgon Showgrounds

Riders for 1951 Warrnambool include Traralgon's Ramon King, Bill Phillips, Peter Foere, Doug Flynn, Ray Harrington (Morwell), and Bob Whitford (Yallourn),
R. Mellon (Yallourn) won Gippsland overall track Champion, and Traralgon's R. Judd 2nd in 5 mile,

Local road season finished on a high note with the 'Latrobe Valley Tour' won by Yallourn's M. Lobly, Fastest time Ralph Bishop other regular Latrobe Valley Riders include- A. Olver, J. Sykes, R. Ryan, J. Canny, J. Halket, C. Laird, N. Lobley, W, Clark, M. Rhodes, J. Lanigan, J. Williams, R. Mackey, J. Canny, R. King, G. Ousley, R. Kenneberry, E. Maginn, A. Inger, R.Holman, Kevin Leek,

Bob Whitford (Yallourn) competes in the First Sun Tour,

Of the 56 starters Bob was one of only 18 riders who finished the
six-day event.Known now as the Herald Sun Tour, it is Australia’s oldest stage race,
created by Australia’s largest daily newspaper.

Amateur Cycling Club in Moe was formed.
Track established at the 'John Field Reserve'.
Bob Whitford spent years collecting newspapers and selling them to the mill raising money to help fund the original Newborough track. It is Expected the Track will be used by Olympic Teams during Melbourne olympics,

Hubert Opperman MHR presents the cycling prizes at Traralgon Apex Athletics carnival

on February 6th Italian champion Enzo Sacchi appears at Traralgon Apex Athletic carnival
Her Majesty the Queen was welcomed by Traralgon's Mayor,
C. Little in March.
Clem was a keen cyclist and tennis player prior to becoming a
Morwell & District CC reformed with Pres- A. Sawyer, Sec- R. Scammell,

Shimano introduces the dual control brake lever STI (
Shimano Total Integration)

Morwell Amateur Cycling Club Formed and affiliated with VACU
(Vic Amature Cycling Union)

Joe Trevorrow,retired Victorian title winner and a road and track
scratchman formed the club

with a view to encourage young people to take up the sport of cycling
for fun and enjoyment

as well as to provide the opportunity for talented riders to improve.

Ronald Reserve Hall constructed in Morwell

In June, Shire councillors, Vin Hourigan and A. W. Ronald
attended the opening ceremony.

It was envisaged that the hall would be used for club meetings.

The facility we currently use the 'Morwell Club' was opened in 1956

Asphalt track was laid around the oval on the Recreation Reserve
Traralgon, opened by Council in March.

Russell Mockridge, an
Australian cycling hero was killed when hit by a bus during
the 'Tour of Gippsland' in Sept.

Bicycle safety is emphasised both at a club and State level

Cyclist must comply with all Road Rules that apply to bicycle
riders under the Motor Vehicles Act


Russell Mockridge's autobiography, "My World on Wheels" was a
most popular read.

A flat track at Ronald Reserve Morwell was ready for
training and racing.

Vietnam War 1962-72

Amature Cycling Union) approved transfer of W. Wood to Morwell
from Footscray.

Other members of local clubs Included

-Vincent Key(age14), J. Trew, Bill
Lear(48yrs),Peter Key, Ronald Key, Bryan Lear, Richard Swainson(47yrs),
James Wookey, Donald Wookey, Donald Hunter, Russell Millar, John
Ellingham,Thomas Patterson, Brian McIvor, Charles Wookey, Terrance
Young, Joseph Mizzi, Robert Kypriotis (16yrs),Graham Wilkie, Charles
Aitken(38yrs), Barry Aitken(13yrs), Peter Stuart, Graham Burgess, Paul
Joyce, Michael Joyce, John Trevorrow (14yrs) Gregory Trevorrow, Ross
Trevorrow, Joseph Trevorrow (40yrs), Patrick Renehen, Louis King, James
Regan, Geoffrey Regan, Arthur Lobb, Robert Lobb (13), William Johnston,
Russell Gates, Robert Mortimer, Colin Gates, Ronald Backhouse, Dennis
Griffiths,John Clancy, Michael Renehan, Gregory Matthews, Raymond
McNamara, Peter Cain, James Lowth, Alan Everett, Hilton
Everett, Murrey McCracken, Michael Skinner, David Blythe, Richard
Patray, Eric Hughes, David Aubrey, Wolfgang Zwierlein,
Brian Harle.

All Gippsland cycling clubs combined forces to run a ' 3
Day Tour'

The 3 day Tour is Traditionally held over the Queens Birthday long
weekend, and was for many years only open to members of Gippsland
Clubs. Darryl Edwards ( Warragul CC) won the first Tour.

Gravel track laid at 'John Field Reserve' Moe-Newborough

After some delay, construction was completed by 'Kennedy Haulage Pty
Ltd'. The track was made possible by the sheer hard work
demonstrated by Bob Whitford (Moe) and the help, support of
countless friends and cyclists.

" Valstar" road safety training
centre opened, with fenced in park and miniature roads, crossings and
traffic lights.

Local Roller Competitions were popular during the 1960's.
All clubs participated.

Robert Lobb became the first Morwell club member to win a
state title.

The Schoolboys
Zone Finals were well attended during the 60's .

"Schoolboy's gear
restrictions 78 (Road) and 81 (track) and stack
helmets must be worn"

In December Morwell's Russell Millar (80m) won the Tom
O'dwyer memorial Wheel at Brunswick track

Morwell's John
Trevorrow and Russell took 2nd and 3rd placings
in a B Brade Scratch Race

More Club Representatives
over the decade Included

William Mol, Geoff Millar, T
Girardina, Glen Trevorrow, Richard Swainson jnr, Eric Bishop, Allan
Bishop, Garry Harle, Gerard Mienis, Francis Fogarty, John Poulter,
Steven Jahn, Warrick Milner, Clude Tuema, Charles Lee, Jan Mienis,
Geoffrey Boyes, Garry Horskins, Leonard Allan, Athol Brand, Mike
Britton, Alf Britton, Donald McIvor, Gary Wiggins, Roy Wiggins, Rick
Trevorrow, Andrew Cargil.

Gippsland Road Championships first held.

In June, clubs wrote to VACU for approval of event to be held same day
as Western District Champs. The Gippsland Road Championships
(open, masters and juniors categories ) is a one day road race. Hosting
of the event was rotated among the Gippsland Clubs.

Mid Aug 1969 the Monash Amateur
Cycling Club conducted he first race meeting held on the sump oil
coated track at Newborough. Rick Talbot (20m) won the U/12 Hcp (aged
8yrs and 1 month of age)


John Trevorrow (Morwell) competed at Edinburgh
Commonwealth Games

In July John competed in the
164.6km (102miles) Road Race. John won a bronze medal. He
finished in a time of 4:40.03. behind gold medallist Bruce
Biddle (NZL) 4:38.05 and silver medallist Australian Ray Bilney

Robert Kypriotis won Club Track Championship.

Robert started racing when he was
13 and won many local championships including the 3-day tour twice. Rob
went on to become a prolific place-getter in Australian Road
Championships including the Melbourne to Warrnambool, Victorian Road
Championships and the Sun Tour. Rob was the designer and maker of
the custom-made 'KYPO' bikes.

John Trevorrow was selected in Australian Olympic Team
for Munich

On the 26th October 1972
Members were shown a Munich Olympic Film.

Moe track was extended to accommodate internal sports
field and sealed with a perimeter wire fence constructed .

Morwell Tandem Team G.Wiggins and
B.Lear finished 2nd at State Titles.

The 2000m tandem event was dropped
as an Olympic event after 1972 Games.

Lions club run a carnival of sports including amateur and
professional wheelraces.

Graham Rowley (Traralgon) won
the Australian Road Championship

Ray Coburn Memorial- A Mordialloc to Morwell memorial road race
is mentioned annually in early club records,

Ray lived in East Bentleigh
and was about 16 years of age. He rode for Mordialloc Amateur Cycling
Club. In a Junior road race, near Morwell in about 1966, Ray was killed
by a passing car on a wet slippery bridge.

Latrobe district was producing stars of National renown,
and club members hitting headlines in all spheres of the sport.

For the first time in Olympic
history, track cycling events were held indoors at Montreal

Rocky Mattioli won the light-middleweight world title

Gary Wiggins was a member of
the Australian Pro track Team after Success in the Kilo and Teams

Alan McMillan (Traralgon) and Eddie Beulke (Traralgon) organised
the Inaugural Morwell to Glenmaggie Hcp

The inaugural winner
was Darrel McMillian (Traralgon).

Traralgon rider
C. Curtis was fined $1.00 in the Gippsland Championships.

John Trevorrow won the Tour of Tasmania.

During his international
professional career, John cycled in World Road champs , and
the Giro de Italia, one of the worlds great tours. Another claim to
fame was to have beaten famous Belgian, Eddy Merckx, in the bunch
sprint for 17th place in the Grand Prix des Moules classic in the early
1970s. John Trevorrow retired from racing in 1981,became a race
promoter, and owned Cogs café.

Grafton to Inverell (first staged
in 1961) 228km H'cap race in NSW. A race that John had fastest time in
1970 and 1971 adopted a massed start format for the 1979 event.

Sun Tour

John Trevorrow was a three time
winner of the 'Sun Tour' 1975,1977& 1979 . Graham Rowley was
a stage winner in 1979. Rob Kypriotis (1979) and Peter
Philips (1976) were stage placegetters.

Australian Road Championships

Graham Rowley, won the
Australian Road Championship, near Geelong in 1974, and
went on to win an international "All Nation Road Race" in Austria
in 1975, John Trevorrow won the Australian Road Championships in 1978
and 1979. Eric Bishop competed in Australian Road Championships.

Gippsland Three Day Tour
The Local region could
boast many winners during the 1970's. John Trevorrow (Morwell) won the
tour in 1970 and 1974, Geoff Charleston (Traralgon) won in
1971. Lennie Van Berkel (Traralgon) won the following year, Michael
Phillips (Traralgon) won in 1975 and Steve Cook (Traralgon) 1976.

More Club Representatives over the decade

Mike Renahan, Lennie Van
Berkel,Tony Kypriotis, Ernest James, Desmond Chessum, William Johnston,
D Stevens, Eddie Beulke, Peter Stewart, Rene Mol, Mick Lear, Alf
Britton, N Beamish, D McIvor, Ron Grant, Mrs Nickelson, Mr
Nickelson, C. Nickelson, Tess Young, C. Nickelson, M. Bishop, S.
Tickner, Glen Trevorrow, V. Reneman, Ivan Chandler, R. Blucher, D.
Stevens, P. Suares, W. Vandenbrand, Ricky Talbot (Moe), Geoff Fletcher,
J. Glass, A. Graham, M. Matthews, T. Warren, P. Trainor, I.
Vandenbrand, J. Vandenbrand, G. Giardina (Leongatha) D. Birnie, P.
Stevens, S. Mason, R. Baldwin, I. Chandler, J. Chandler, A. Donald, N.
Wilson, A. Curtis, Mrs Key, Olive Trevorrow, Mrs Nickelson, Mrs
Stevens, F. Renehan, D. Stuart, Mrs Vandenbrand,

 Club News
In 1980 a special meeting of Club
Officers was convened, to discuss twining the clubs of the area.
Morwell became the first Club in Australia to combine as a Professional
and Amateur Cycling Club. As travelling would be a deterrent for some
young cyclist from other towns, Traralgon and Moe ACC decided to
continue fostering youth as long as possible.

Bill Lear Wheelrace held in honour of Bill Lear, long
serving president of MACC.

The 2000m event was run annually
until 1989 when track conditions in the area deteriorated and no
further track events could be conducted for many years. Steve Griffiths
won the inaugural event

In July Taralgon born Dutch cyclist
Ruud van der Rakt won Sint-Jansteen Amateurs Criterium in Netherlands

The Morwell track at Ronald reserve No1 was breaking up
and on June 16th the track at Moe had been declared
unsuitable for use. Records show that all clubs indicated support
to develop a Velodrome.

Paul Medhurst Teamed up with Danny Clark to win the Bendigo
International Madison

According to a letter dated May 18th 1982 the preferred site for
proposed velodrome was behind the Home Pride Bakery in Morwell. This
decision came at a very successful track and road period of the
club and a busy time for the ladies auxiliary raising funds to assist
young cyclist.

ATB, or mountain bicycle introduced to the district.

Olive Trevorrow (Morwell CC ladies Auxiliary) sadly passed
away in 1984.

Said to be everyone's second
mum, Olive could stand on her own as an integral personality around the
club. Olive was the wife of founding member Joe .Olive Trevorrow
Memorial Trophy (est.1986) the 70-80 km H'cap Road Race was
regularly Raced out at Yinnar over the Dam Circuit, Hazelwood Estate Rd
to Boolarra and return.

Stan Martin & Terry Dixon were invited to attend the
picnic road race to Cowwarr Weir, in recognition of past contribution
to cycling. Cowwarr Weir's picnic area has been popular since the
1930's and has been a destination for 'Morwell To Cowwarr' races
since 1959.

Over the years many Club
Championships have been conducted over the 35 km course to the weir.

Perpetual Trophy was introduced for the Annual 70 km Morwell to

Records of the Handicap Road Race
date back to 1979. But Glenmaggie (located in the neighbouring
shire of Maffra) has been a destination for club races
since the township was flooded in 1923 forming Lake Glenmaggie.

'Stack hats' and breaks were made mandatory and Indexed
Gearing, Clip in Pedals available.

Latrobe Mountain Bike Club formed.

Melbourne to Sydney bike ride (not
a race) was a 2 week ride celebrating Australia's bi-centenary.

all local cycling clubs sort permission from Victorian
Cycling Federation to amalgamate.

"As clubs are small in
number. …and we hope soon to see a new cycling track in the
region, to be able to encourage young riders and teach bike
skills in a safe environment before venturing onto Leongatha and
Warragul Velodrome (which will be completed in 1990). We believe it is
in the best interest to cycling to become one club………………………. Bill
Gallagher Hon sec Morwell ACC

On July 24th 1989 (Moved by R
Griffiths) that Morwell CC change it's name to the Latrobe Valley CC
Inc. & that Moe and Traralgon CC be asked to join the
LVCC seconded by B Gallagher. Carried

Champions of the 1980's decade include

Geoff Fletcher performed well at
Victorian and Australian Championships winning the Australian young pro
pursuit title. Robb Lobb and Dave McFarlane teamed up to win the
Australian pursuit Champs. Jason Phillips competed at Australian Track
Championships in Adelaide and Steve Griffiths, in his first season of
under 18, was robbed of a chance to represent Victoria when he fell a
week before the titles. Steve won an Australian junior title in the
team pursuit in 1983. He finished 2nd in Melbourne Cup On Wheels, and
represented Victoria at the Australian Track Cycling Championships at
Launceston in 1988.In 1985 Paul Warren competed at the Australian
Titles, and Paul Medhurst won an Australian Championship. In 1986 the
club were raising funds to assist Philip Gallagher and Chris Kypriotis
in their State Titles. Chris Kypriotis made the Victorian Track team
and won bronze at the Australian Aged National, as part of Victorian
pursuit team that included Australian cycling Champion Shane Kelly.
Eric Bishop won the Bendigo Golden Mile in 1986, finished fifth in the
1987 Australian Professional Road Championship and represented Victoria
at the 1988 Australian Professional Track Championships in Launceston (
winning Silver Medal Teams Pursuit) Eric won or was placed in the final
of every major wheelrace in Australia . Ray hunter finished 5th in the
Melbourne Cup on Wheels in 1987, and went on to represented Victoria at
two Australian Championships. Ray also won the Russell Mockridge
Memorial 1000m Hcp. The club assisted State champion Grant Lobb, Gerry
Wiggins and Troy Warren to the Victorian and Australian Championships.
In 1989 Grant and Troy were members of Australian Junior Road
Championship Team.John O'Keefe trip to world tandem titles in 1986

Sun Tour

Eric Bishop rode the Sun Tour in
1982, 1986, 1987- winning the Daylesford Stage of the 1982 Tour. Dave
McFarlane won a stage of the tour in 1984, Chris Hunt was a stage
winner in 1983 and finished 4th outright. John Trevorrow, Rob
Kypriotis, and Peter Phillips all had top 10 finishes. In the 1986 Sun
Tour, Team Moe won the teams time trial over the 32km stage from Echuca
to Kyabram.

Gippsland Three Day Tour

The 3 day tour was becoming
renowned for it's 'surgence of youth' coming to the fore. Dave
McFarlane after winning in 1979 virtually owned the Tour by the end of
the decade with six wins. On the rare occasion Dave was unable to win,
it was often another youngster stepping up. Tony Smith (Leongatha) was
18 years of age winning in 1980. Youngster Geoff Fletcher was only
17yrs of age when he won the Tour in 1981. Peter Phillips won in
1986,and in 1988 Phillip Gallagher an 18 year old Gippsland Institute
student took out the 25th Tour from Glen Trevorrow, with 16 year old
Grant Lobb winning B Grade, finishing 5th overall. Gavan Lack had an
overall stage win in the 1985 tour he was only 15 years old at the
time. Gavan went on to compete with the Footscray pro's. He now owns
and runs a chain of 'Mallard Cycle' stores in the Latrobe City and a
major sponsor of this Cycling Club.

More Club Representatives over the decade

Lesser achievements on a national
scale but no more less deserving of recognition were riders like Warren
Meade, Peter Hoefer (Newsletter editor) finished second in a Morwell to
Glenmaggie. Wayne Collins won a club championship. Roger McMillan
claimed a Glenmaggie Trophy. John Lake was a Club Champion in Vets
category. Glen Beveridge finished third behind Phil Gallagher in the
Gippsland Champs. Dave Redman was a club champion. Robin Tullet won the
1988 Gippsland Road Championship held at Tinamba. S. Leeden won a John
Trevorrow Trophy. Peter Finlayson (Warragul) won a Maffra to Morwell
leg of the 1988 Cyclist of the Year series. Charles Howlett finished
6th in the Div 2 junior section of a 3 Day Tour. Other regular winners
included G. Giardina, Graham Bye, Vic Spunner, Nick O'Brien, Rob
Zwierlein, Grub Melnyk, Darren Spiteri, and Richard Tullet, T Fox.

Bike Shops Of The Time

Mallard Cycles (Morwell), Ray
Hunter Cycles (Traralgon), Glen Brand (Spikes Bikes)


In May Rick Talbot was appointed as Club Coach.

As the VACU limited the field for State Road Championships denying many members the chance to
ride, the Club was very active in promotion and hosting major combine
events and continued its promotion of local club races, time
trials and track events and continuing perpetual trophies.

'Joe Trevorrow Trophy' was introduced in honour of MCC founder,
past president and life member,

The event was held in conjunction with the William Lear Trophy and T Girardina
Trophy .

The inaugural winner Colin Aitken finished 3rd in MTB race conducted by

Norm Johnson-Time Trial (Est. 1992) donated by Peter Johnson
(Club President at the time),

was held over One lap Hazelwood Pondage, the race was only conducted
for three years, all won by Geoff Fletcher.

Colin Aitken missed out on riding in the Bay Crits due to an accident
on the Warragul Velodrome the week before.

Clubs first Twilight series started in November, Winner of the first
series was Darren Spiteri.

A unified license for professional and amateur road cyclists

The Bairnsdale to Sale Race
was the first local race where professional and amateur cyclist
legitimately raced each other.

In Aug the Latrobe Valley MTB club sort to join the Cycling

Cycling Club purchased a trailer from Cattanach's Welding

On May 16th Joe Trevorrow was special guest at an AGM and TRAMPS
cycling club was formed in July,

The LVCC conducted a fundraiser 'Roller Competition'

The Triathletes, lead by Jim Timmer-Arends defeated the Cycle club

In Nov LVCC held a 40 years Anniversary at Tower Gardens.

The Tattersall' s Cup Cycling
Series (Est.1996) The series acts as a selection event for the
Herald-Sun Tour. The 'Tour of Latrobe' stage gives our top local riders
a chance to match it with the best from Australian and N.Z.

' Drivers Ed Center' in Newborough became a permanent Crit venue.

An appropriate
criterium course had been sort for a number of years.
Courses that were used over the years included Yinnar, Kernot Hall,
Glengarry, Sunday Market.

In October , Latrobe municipality sponsored a pro-team in the
'Herald Sun Tour'.

'Team Latrobe-Morwell
' riders included former Morwell member Jason
Phillips. During Stage 5, Ballarat to Warrnambool, (185 km) the main
field were involved in a big crash involving 20 or so riders, including
Jason, with a suspected broken rib. When the tour came to Morwell for
stage thirteens, 25km criterium, Jason put 'Latrobe-Morwell' on the
podium finishing third. Final team standings sore Latrobe-Morwell
finish in 11th.

Several locals completed the first 'Around the Bay in a day ride' (not a race) a 210 km Challenge Ride.

Lennie Van Berkel (masters) placed in several
National MTB Series races. Including Mt Beauty and Mt Buller DH

purchased a motor cycle off Chris Kypriotis for motor pacing.

Champions of the decade include

In 1992 the club acknowledged Dave
McFarlane (Leongatha) congratulating him on another Australian Road
Title Win. Held at Warrnambool over a distance of 200km, Latrobe member
Colin Aitkin finished sixth in young pro's division. In 1994 Steve
Smith competed in Belgium at the World Disabled Championships, in
preparation for Para-Olympics in 1996.

The Melbourne to Colac classic
(130km) provided Gippsland cycling with it's best results in top
competition for many years. Among them was Latrobe cyclist Grant Lobb
taking 9th. And at the Bendigo Madison Chris Kypriotis teamed up with
Arron Lee to finish 13th.

Gippsland Three Day Tour

In 1993 the weather for the tour
was the worst on record. Unfortunately the numbers were down and some
Melbourne riders were invited to make up the teams. In 1994 the tour
reverted back to a Graded tour to attract more local riders to compete.
We also saw the first lap top computer used by officials. We witnessed
women riders competing in the tour for the first time in 1993, They
were Debra Williams, Mellissa Berryman (Leongatha) and Georgann McEwen
(Warragul) who all rode B Grade.

More Club Representatives over the decade Include

Chris Joustra won many local races
including Joe Trevorrow Trophy. Allen Timmer-Arends was Gippsland
Champion in 1998. Ross Johnson was 1999 Glenmaggie winner; Leigh O'Hara
was fastest time to Glenmaggie. Stuart Corkran was a club champion.
Other competitors were Glen Gibson, Phil Grant, Alan Beveridge, Alan
Morrison, Gerard Anfried, Darren Chubb, Kevin Rich, Ross Griffiths,
Brendan Scholes, P? Verhagen, Phil Bechaz, Jose Girado, Jake Biram,
Warren Carrodus, Kevin May, Ewin Williams, Mark Young, Allister Haynes,
Trevor Bordy, Vivienne Stipani,


The Local municipality became 'Latrobe City'.

Gippsland Regional cycling clubs presented the 'Hazelwood Power' Cycling Tour'

The 2001 Austral Wheelrace was conducted on an indoor velodrome
for the first time, Grant Lobb and Chris Kypriotis both competed in
early rounds at the Vodafone Arena

A team of local riders
took part in the Great Victorian Bike Ride, and were presented
with Latrobe First bike riding tops by Latrobe City's Chief
Executive Officer , Richard Hancock. The Great Victorian Bike Ride had
a stopover in Latrobe for the first time in 12 years.

In Feb the Cycling Club endorsed decision to
re-surfaced the Moe track

With funding from the Latrobe
City Council, As part of a 'Local Government Authority Project',
and sponsorship from local companies, and fund raising by dedicated
club Members of the Cycling Club.

A TT event at Traralgon Showgrounds, was the last recorded
track event at that venue.

With the new track at Newborough
came immediate results. In September Chris Hunt won Gold at the
Australian Masters Track Championship Individual Pursuit. Also a
composite J15 team made up of Leongatha and Latrobe cyclist won bronze
at State Champs.

'Mallard Cycles Combine Handicap' was established,
sponsored by Gavin Lack of Mallard Cycles, the inaugural winner
was Bill Pace.

At a meeting with Latrobe City
municipal support, it was decided to follow the reunification
principles of Latrobe City and rename the club 'Latrobe City
Cycling Club'. On Wednesday the 7th Dec, Andrew McKernan was the
first member to wear the new LCCC top to victory. Peta Mullens was
first open winner at Shepparton on the 11th Dec.

'Founding Morwell CC Member Joe Trevorrow passed away in
Jan. Later in the year founding Moe CC member Bob Whitford passed.

Both Joe and Bob would of
been proud to see LCCC having many winners at the New indoor track in
Melbourne , Most noteable was Charles Howlett 2nd in 'Sid Paterson Hcp'.

'Former Gippsland cycling champion Arthur Ashworth passed away in December.

Arthur was a keen follower of
cycling in the region often seen at the Deca Crit series and Hazelwood
road series.

Councillor Tony Zimora officially
declared the cycling track in Newborough the ‘Bob Whitford Cycling
Track’. Bob spent years raising funds for the construction of our
home track.

In Aug the LCCC played host to the Gippsland's Zone of the Victorian
School Championships at Yinnar.

- Our Club has always taken
pride in our junior development and 2007 had many aged race highlights
Most noteable was Shannon
McCurley who won Schools final in Melbourne and went on to be a
National Champion. and 16-year-old Samuel Beveridge who became the
youngest ever winner of our Clubs Road championships.

Charles Howlett a club champion on road and track had a successful year
among the elites that included a podium finish in the Tour of Gippsland
and Tour of the Murray River.

 In June around 70 Members,families and friends attended the Clubs annual
Champions Presentation Dinner at the Grand Junction Hotel, Traralgon.

- President Darren Spiteri thanking volunteers sponsors and committee
throughout the year

Bike Shops

Mallard Cycles Morwell , Bike land
Traralgon was sold to Bicycle Superstore (2006), Spikes Bikes
Traralgon closed in Feb 2004 Mallard Cycles now occupies the
store. A Toy store in Moe selling bike parts (whom often supported the
club with prizes) closed in 2007.

Herald Sun Tour

Latrobe Cycling Club took an
active role to help organize and host the final stage of the
Herald Sun Tour finishing in Traralgon in 2004. The club hosted a
kemise . In 2008 City of Traralgon hosted a
crit as a prelude to the Herald Sun Tour.

High profile Visitors to club races
In November during a race in the
2006 EJ STEELS Crit Series....2008 World Track Champ and Olympian West
Australian Cam Meyer showed us how its done at the top..... easily
winning A grade crit at Deca Driver Ed circuit. The highlight of the
race was seeing Dave Gafa actually take quite a few turns at the front
after bridging the gap between Meyer and the peleton.

At our Annual presentation night in 2008 the club welcomed special guest Dave MacKenzie a
past Australian Champion and a stage winner of Giro de' Italia.

Champions of the decade include

Peta Mullens a National aged road
and track Champion won Silver at 2005 Oceania Games in the w19 pursuit
, Peta was named 2006 Australian Young Cyclist of the Year' after
winning Bronze at the 2006 World pursuit Champs in Belgium.
Shannon McCurley (2008 Victorian Junior Cyclist of the Year ) was
a Victorian and National aged champion.In Jan 2008 Shannon beat
Kirsty Broun (the current National Criterium champion) at Burnie and
also won Gold at 2008 Victorian aged Criterium Championship at
Apollo Bay. Shannon claimed three medals on the track with silver in
the scratch rasce at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival in
January 2009. Powerful young rider Ashley Lucas won the 2007 M17
'Phil Anderson Classic Criterium' in Apollo Bay an event
that doubled as Victorian State aged Criterium the
following year with Ashley winning Bronze. Young Sam Beveridge
(LCC Club Open Road Champion 2007) regularly hung in against the best
in Australia, including finishing 4th in the Victorian aged Road
Race Championship (100kms). Matt Mullens rode his way to a State
Triathlon Championship in 2003.

Charles Howlett a club champion on
road and track finished 2nd in the prestigous 'Sid Patterson Hcp'.
Charles returned after 6 months in Europ and joined a Pro team. Charles
also won B Grade in 2007 Melb- Warrny finishing in the leading bunch.
Charles was also the first member for some time to ride Bay Crit elite
men. Craig Skinner finished 3rd in 2005 'Warragul Wheelrace'. A
masters Road Pursuit Team including James Timmer-Arends, Shaun
Cattanach, Allen Timmer-Arends and Kieth Tomholt won Silver at the
Victorian Championships in 2004. Paul Richards won Victorian pursuit
title. James Timmer-Arends was also notable at State and National
Masters Road Championships winning Gold in several ITT's and a Gold in
2008 Victorian Country Road Championships. Peter Tsebelis was
Masters 3 Victorian Country Road Champ and qualified for 'Sid
Patterson' Final' in 2004. Emma Beveridge finished in the top 20 Vic
Road Series in 2004. John MacKenzie won Victorian Country Road
Championship in 2005. Dave Shanahan was Victorian Masters 2 &
3 Country Road Champ. Wayne Tunks finished a close third in a sprint
finish to take bronze in 2006 Victorian Masters 6 Road Champs, Wayne
also won bronze in the Vic Masters 6 Criterium Champs in 2007 .
Rob Reid finished in the top 20 at the Victorian Criterium
Championships in 2001 (Rob also finished 3rd in a 'B' grade crit stage
of the 'Tour of Gardinia'.) Roland Elsdon won Bronze at the 2008
Masters 5 Victorian Criterium Championship.Roland also took out
the 2008 masters 5 Pinnacle Series. Dave Shanahan won Bronze in the
Masters 4 at 2008 Country Road Championships. Peta Mullens won Gold in
the Elite Women 90kms race at the 2008 Victorian Metro Road

Other Club Representatives performances through the decade Include
Jose Gorordo (2000 Morwell to Glenmaggie winner) won B Grade Lang Lang 150
km Classic. Grant Lobb and Chris Kypriotis both
competed in early rounds in 2001 Austral at the new Vodafone Arena.Glen
Gibson got silver at the 2003
Gippsland Champs in a close finish.Greg Williams finished 5th in
inaugural Warragul CC's Tim McArdle Memorial Handicap in 2004. Bill
Pace won inaugural 'Mallard Cycles Handicap in 2004. Judith Cahill won Gold in the
Individual Road Time Trial at the 2005 Emergency Services Games held in
Geelong. Jamie Johnson finished 2nd at the 2006 Gippsland Road Champs
and LCCC filled 5 out of the first 7 places in the Masters, lead by Vet Road champ Jim Timmer- Arends. Sue Elsdon
was 2nd in the Ladies
Gippsland Road champs. Andrew McKernan won several events including the
Warragul's Tour de Baw Baw. James Haylock won 2007 Mallard
Cycles Handicap. Ashley Lucas won many Senior Gippsland Championships
including the 2009 Gippsland Crit Championships held in Maffra. Jarrod
Peachey was hill climb champion in 2009.


Track cycling remains an integral component of the clubs racing structure to development of junior cycling

- some names to watch in future include Jerome Bechaz, Lachlin Gibson, Jordan Nabulsi

51st Grafton to Inverell was successful for club member Chris Joustra winning C grade
Jim Timmer-Arends takes over the Presidency

the Club cyclist of the year was again won by Danny Gafa

(COY was introduced in 2011 where members accumulated points from 14 races (nine road and five track events) that carried points)

achievers include Jerome Bechaz Bronze in keririn state champs & Robbie Reid the 2013 National MMAS 2 Individual Pursuit Track Champion.

Club had 2 National Masters Champions in 2014, Jim Timmer-Arends in Time Trial & Chris Joustra in Road Race
Danny Gafa again Cyclist of the Year

Shannon McCurley competes for Ireland at European Track Champs in Grenchen SUI trying to qualify for Rio Olympics, and in May the Bob Whitford Cycling track was resealed and new lines painted

Shannon McCurley competes for Ireland at Rio Olympics and Big Jim Timmer-Arends wins another National Masters TT Title and Col Aitken won B grade at 3 day tour

Christian Schill 3rd in National para Road Race and Time trial Men C3, Chris Joustra fastest time in The Max and Keith Rowley Memorial Race held by Wellington Cycling Club and 3rd overall in Gippsland Twilight Series,

Latrobe City joined other Gippsland clubs to put together a combined series in 2018,
Latrobe City won the club trophy at the 3 day Tour

Regular club Racers during last decade include: Seniors-
Danny Gafa,Darren Spiteri, Wayne Tunks, Lex Townley, Dave Shanahan, Jim Peachey, Craig Skinner, Wayne Collins, Justin Gravett, Daniel Furmston, Terry Anders, Colin Aitken , Glenn Schoer, Paul Makepeace, Adam Lancaster, Roland Elsdon, Jason Strickland, Peter Vogt Jacqui Vogt, Michael Krausz, Jared Tait, George Rappold, Matt Larkin, Chris Henne, Chris Joustra, Dave Redman, Brett Van Berkel. James Timmer-Arends , Ash Kozak, Dean Gray, Andrew Wilson, Simon Forbes, Patrick Horgan,Brett Hayes, Simon Eaton, Adrian Harper, Mark Stockdale, Fred De Costa, Paul King, Shanon McCurley, Sue Eldon, Gayle de Costa, Brian Forder, Trevor Hoare, Harold Winkel, Anthony Magaldi,Thane Russell, Mick Salerno,
Heath Foster, Bryce Nightingale, Jack Edebohls, Joe Skinner, Zac Skinner, Boyd Makepeace, Drew Makepeace, Ki Bugeja



Committee Honour Roll

Committee Honour Roll